Educate Centre

Maths Tuition That Delivers Results!

Maths is a core subject from Reception to Year 11, and we’re with your child every step of the way. From arithmetic to algebra, there are a range of materials to suit every ability. Ieducate offers much more than worksheets; we’re passionate about developing great students, and giving them the skills to succeed.

Students are prepared for all Key Stages and GCSE examinations with ongoing support, revision and feedback sessions to ensure maximum results on exam day. We also use past exam papers to prepare students for the type and structure of questions they can expect during tests.

Our mission is to make children love Maths. Grasping complex concepts can make it seem scary, but when it all clicks, the fun really starts. Every learner is afforded the opportunity to ask questions and is given the individual attention needed to keep up with the rest of the class.