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Helping Your
Child Succeed
in KS1 to KS3, GCSE and 11+
Ieducate Centre caters for children aged 5-16 years (11+, Key Stage One to GCSE). Children are prepared and given support to help achieve success in their KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE assessments. We also specialise and cater for those who want to prepare for the 11+ examinations.

Ofsted Registered Specialised Centre

Enabling children to realise their full potential

Ieducate Centre offers high standards of tuition on an affordable basis. Our aim is to nurture the self-confidence and individual abilities of the student, as we consider this to be the key to successful academic performance.

Whether your child is suffering from a lack of confidence in their schoolwork or needs guidance preparing for school entrance examinations, 11+, SAT’s and GCSE’s, we are here to help.

Our tutors are highly experienced and adept at nurturing creativity and technique in order to achieve excellence.