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Helping your child succeed in 11+

iEducate Centre will prepare your child to sit the Maths, Non-verbal & Spatial Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and English 11+ tests for GL Assessment (Kent, Buckinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Wirral etc.), CEM (Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Slough, Trafford, Bexley etc.), ISEB (Brentwood, New Hall, Bancrofts etc.), CSSE (Westcliff, Southend, King Edward’s and Colchester) and more.

Preparation consists of the following:


This consists of developing a child’s deep understanding using methods developed in Singapore. The classroom tested material we provide is highly successful in enabling children to cover all the topics in depth and to secure their understanding.


Work focuses mainly on the development of spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary. This helps children improve their creative writing needed for the Essex CSSE exam. English is often an area of weakness for many children and for this reason we have increased the emphasis on this to ensure that a child builds a firm foundation.

Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning

Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning techniques are taught by the official Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning developer for the 11+ exam in our video tutorials as well as the magnetic cube new and other classroom tested resources.

Verbal Activity

Verbal Activity skills are developed using material needed for the GL assessment and CEM exams.

Regular Test Scores

iEducate Centre’s tests are used on a regular basis as a means of measuring a child’s progress.

Mock Examinations

These give children a chance to try the GL Assessment, CEM and CSSE exam style practice papers under examination conditions.

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11+ Tuition Costs

11+ preparation – Year 3 & 4

Early start for the 11+ gives your child a gradual preparation for grammar school tests (particularly non-verbal and verbal reasoning).

2 sessions (3 hours per week): £160 per month

Duration of each session is 1 hour 30 minutes.

11+ preparation – Year 5

Final preparation for your child sitting the 11+ for the GL Assessment, CEM, CSSE, ISEB examination*.

2 sessions (3 hours per week): £190 per month

Duration of each session is 1 hour 30 minutes.
*11+ exam fees for Year 5 includes additional intensive revision classes (including mock exams) during the summer holidays aswell as the 11+ online.


The preferred method of payment is by direct debit.

Online Learning

iEducate online is a unique online platform where students can access our Non-Verbal and Spatial Reasoning video tutorials and practice questions developed by Peter Francis.

Our state-of-the-art online experience will help them master exam techniques, hone in on their accuracy and develop speed.

  • Developed by the official NVR and Spatial Reasoning developer for the 11+ exam
  • 168 questions explained
  • 280 practice questions

Learning Pathways

Early starters (Year 3 and Year 4) will benefit from a more gradual learning programme, whilst our Year 5 one-year course offers the required time needed for the 11+ test.

Courses will include a parents’ presentation evening, all the learning materials, monitoring and one-to-one support. Year 5 courses also include student progress updates and intensive revision sessions during the summer holidays.